Conradi Font

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A square, "uncial" font, inspired by a friends' surname and the Carhartt t-shirts that were fashionable half a decade ago. It's suited best for single-word captions. It has a very complete character set, with many diacritis included, as well as a the euro, pound, yen and dollar sign.

The font has only lower case characters, the uppercase characters being either copies of or variants on (F, L, K, O, V, X, Z) their lower case counterparts. Every character tries to fill up a perfect sqaure (a,b,c,e,m,n,o,r,s,u,v,w,x,z) and tries to use only horizontal and vertical lines. If that's not possible, 45 degree angles are used (k, v and 'capital' z). Ofcourse, being a true lower-case font, ascenders and descenders are used wherever needed. In this typeface, no intersections have been allowed. Hence, characters like 'x' and '+' make use of 'fly-overs'. In the case of the 'o', this forced me to make two variants: one that is continuous and one with two 'pylons'. 

Ciphers are slightly smaller then characters. The German ringel-s (ß) does right to it's origin as a ligature: it's a combination of a slender and low 's'. I could not resist including a Danish/Norwegian ø.

The font is designed as a series of SVG's files, each with one character. With a piece of custom made PHP code, these files are assembled into an SVG-font. FontForge was used to create most diacritics and to export it to a TTF.

Free for downlaod and any use. Go ahead :D